Monday, May 04, 2009


So in 2003 I was on a summer project with Campus Crusade for Christ in Myrtle Beach. I had 7 other roommates in a hotel room. One of the roomies at 3am woke me up to tell me she had a stomachache. I promptly told her to take some tums and go back to bed. Not thinking it was anything serious I rolled over and fell back asleep. About a half an hour later, things got a lot of worse. We were in the ER and her appendix were removed by mid-morning with no one really knowing what all had happened.

Well the times of dealing with appendicitis returned last night about 1:00am when my teammate from Holland fell ill. We originally thought he had the swine flu and we took him to the hospital. At about 5:00am we received official word that his appendix was inflamed and would be in surgery by 9:00am. My roommate Angie and I had a sleepless, yet memorable 12 hours at ABC hospital as we hung out with Joram.

From this recent crisis, I learned the value of my sweet family. Man, I missed those guys as I was the stand in family for our friend. Pray that he recovers quickly and is released from the hospital tomorrow.

This is a pic of me about 4:30am with some snacks to keep Angie and I awake.

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amy brink said...

emily hot-stuff bastine! you are HOT HOT HOT!