Sunday, August 10, 2008

I'm going to be honest. I came back to the States for a conference last night and I have been glued to the television since then watching the Olympics. I have always been a fan. I'm not sure exactly why. I root for the USA but it's not because I am this great patriotic but because these athletes have worked so hard and have given up so much for the pursuit of what I think is the greatest sports competition ever.

I just watched the swimming 4x100 men's relay where they not only won the gold but came back from behind and quieted the talks of a rival team. I was literally screaming with them in my hotel room.

I just wish they would have put baton twirling in it a long time ago. That is way more than a sport than clay shooting.


Stephanie and Daneel said...

Yeah, they are some addictive games. And did you know that trampoline is an olympic sport?! Had I known that, I could have skipped college and stuck to developing my mad trampoline-ing skills.
I could be in Beijing right now making a world name for myself.. Maybe by the time Baton twirling gets in I'll be ready to go with you!

Mandy said...

Hey! I just found out you and Angie will be living together! That will be a fun place to be! Maybe we will come down and see you guys someday!