Wednesday, April 16, 2008

O tested soul, perhaps the Lord is sending you through this trial to develop your gifts. You have some gifts that would never have been discovered if not for trials. Do you no know that your faith never appears as great in the warm summer weather as it does during a cold winter? Your love is all too often like a firefly, showing very little light except when surrounded by darkness. And hope is like the stars--unseen in the sunshine of prosperity and only discovered durning a nigh tof adversity. Afflictions are often the dark settings God uses to mount the jewels of His childrens's gifts, causing them to shine even brighter.
Wasn't it just a short time ago that on your knees you prayed, "Lord, I seem to have no faith. Please show me that I do"? Wasn't your prayer, even though you may not have realized it at the time, actually asking for trials? For how can you know if you have faith, until your faith is exercised? You can depend upon the fact that God often sends trials so our gifts may be discovered and so we may be certain of their existence. And there is more than just discovering our gifts--we experience real growth in grace as nanother result of our trials being sanctified by Him.
God trains His soldiers not in tents of ease and luxury but by causing them to endure lengthy marches and difficult service. He makes them wade acroos streams, swim through rivers, climb mountains, and walk many tiring miles with heavy backpacks.
Dear Christian, could this not account for the troubles you are now experiencing? Could this not be the reason He is dealing with you?
--Charles Spurgeon

Last week on vacation my sister and I received word that my Grandma was in the hospital with pneumonia. She has battled Alzheimer's for 10 years now. We rushed home to be there with my mom and family. She's back in the nursing home now and stable but not better. I'm learning about grief, mourning, closure and the order of those things when someone isn't actually gone. My life is really confused right now but I did ask for trials and a deeper faith just a few weeks ago. This was my devotional yesterday. It spoke right to my soul. Thanks for reading.

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