Thursday, November 08, 2007

Birthdays and Fun at the Beach

Every year, Short term teams from all over the world take 4 days off to relax, recharge and meet with staff from the states. This year, our midyear conference just happened to fall over my 26th Birthday. What a great way to mix work with fun!

I was able to celebrate with some of my friends and favorite food in Mexico as well. We made banana boats and had our cook at the restaurant stick them in the oven--messy but good.

But mor than that, we got some amazing time with staff from the states that came down to specifically develop us and help us work better as a team. We did a personality/strength test and compared our results with the rest of the team. What an eyeopener to see how we all are wired so differently but together we are God's provision for each other.
Here are some things to pray for me as we beging to wrap up this semester (I can't believe it's already that time):
- that I would trust and walk in the way that I was made in Christ...meaning I would live out of my strengths and not be abandon them.
- that my identity and worth would continually be in Jesus and Jesus only
- I would be able to connect with students from this semester to encourage and help plan for the spring.
- I would enjoy my weekend in Puebla with other staff women from around the country.
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Anonymous said...

Glad it was a fun and relaxing birthday celebration! You are precious! Love, Kim